Zoe & Coop, Trofeo Estate Wedding

August 6, 2019

Upon meeting Zoe and Coop for the first time, I found the sense of energy that existed between them undeniable. I’d describe it as being akin to sitting with a third person in the room, for they are there as individuals, but something exists beyond them when in each other’s presence. I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily true of all couples, however it is in the case of Zoe and Coop. You might imagine that for a couple that exist in this higher state of connection, the idea of a wedding might some how be not as important, but this certainly wasn’t the case. It was a day that both had looked forward to for sometime, especially as it was at their favourite winery, Trofeo Estate on the Mornington Peninsula. While they were the reluctant stars of the day, it really represented an opportunity for them to thank both their families and closest friends for the importance that they hold in Zoe and Coop’s lives.

Zoe and Mark walking through confetti at Trofeo Estate

SINCE 2009

But hurry, let’s entwine ourselves as one, our mouth broken, our soul bitten by love, so time discovers us safely destroyed

                                                                           – Garcia Lorca