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Campbell Point House Wedding / Camillo & Yasmine

Camillo and Yasmine’s Campbell Point House wedding was one of my absolute favourites for 2016. It had everything that a wedding photographer could want ; a beautiful couple, an amazing location and perfect styling. It all created an atmosphere that was at once both intimate, yet unrestrained in it’s celebration of the day.

And in many respects it was not only a marriage, but a celebration of the union of  two  families. Two very different families, with their own unique tales of adversity and triumph, now standing as one. This sense of togetherness, and the importance of family, was so evident throughout the day. Yasmine and Camillo, it was such a pleasure to be part of the day, and an honour to have the opportunity to document such a momentous chapter in both the Khalifa and de Silva family histories.

Be sure to visit my friends at C2 to check out their amazing videography of the day. And hear Camillo and Yasmine’s story in their own words over at Ivory Tribe. Can’t wait to get back for another Campbell Point House wedding!

All of the simple things suddenly become gigantic things, and light up the world before you like fire across the clouds. What a breath taking display. The way the earth begins to dissolve in your periphery and a human being replaces it. No matter what they tell you, a person is a universe when truly loved, and anything else is not love at all.