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Charles and Aisha / Black Rock Engagement

I’m always a little on edge when I have an Engagement shoot scheduled during Winter. I mean Winter is actually a great time to shoot Engagements as most people will get married in the Spring or Summer, so the whole Winter look is a nice counterpoint to those Wedding portraits that come later on. But Winter being what it is, postponements and rescheduling are always on the cards. So it was with some relief that I set out for Black Rock last Sunday beneath a beautiful clear sky and with the sun on my back to shoot Charles and Aisha’s E Session. It’s always a great opportunity for me to gauge how comfortable a couple is not only in front of the camera, but also with each other. And it’s a great chance for them to shake off any preconceived ideas about wedding photographers! Charles and Aisha were so relaxed, the whole afternoon just ran so smoothly, and let’s face it ; if you can make Fish ‘n Chips and Champagne work, then you’re already ahead of the game!