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Convent Gallery Wedding, Daylesford / Sean and Brigitte

Sean and Brigitte’s Convent Gallery Wedding further cemented the venue’s standing as my absolute favourite place to shoot. I shot my first Convent Gallery wedding in early 2013 for Tom and Brooke. From the outset I was struck by the beauty of the place and the care and love with which it has been maintained. From the terraced gardens through to the Chapel, the spaces are so intimate and inviting. And that view of Daylesford from the top terrace is worth the price of admission alone. Add to that the professionalism and genuine hospitality of the staff, and it’s no wonder that the Convent Gallery is often booked out up to 2 years in advance.

I was joined on the day by my good friend Marcus Theodor of C2 Films. We downed a couple of strong coffees and discussed the day before beginning with Sean and the boys. We spent our usual 45 minutes with the boys. They were all class and the house they were staying in really lent itself to some beautiful shots of Sean’s preparations. Before long we found ourselves a couple of streets away at Brigitte’s house. Or so we thought. For upon our arrival we found the bridal party, in various states of undress, carrying their dresses, luggage and belongings from the address we’d been given to the house next door. It seems in their excitement the previous evening, they had inadvertently broken in to the wrong house! The two houses had previously been on the one property and so share a common lock. When the girls had entered the house, they had been a little disappointed that the sheets weren’t clean and that dishes had been left in the sink, however it had never occurred to them that they were in the wrong place. At least not until the morning when the owner turned up to find a beautiful young blonde woman lying in his bed!

It’s an hilarious story and an amazing way to begin a wedding day. I haveno¬† doubt it’s a memory that Brigitte and Sean will¬† laugh about on every anniversary. And that’s what a wedding should be – a collection of memories. Some are hilarious, some are sombre. Some are of the things that went right, some of the things that went horribly wrong! But they’re greater than the sum of their parts. They’re part of the fabric of life. Wrap yourself in them and never let go.