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Lorne Wedding / Aisha and Virginia

I’ve had Lorne Wedding , 14th March,   circled on my calendar for quite a while. Last August I met Aisha and Virginia in Warburton for a little E Session. We walked the river and then explored the mighty Redwood forest just out of town. It was a fantastic afternoon. I had a lot of fun with them and I could tell early on that they were comfortable in front of the camera. But when I got home and saw the results of the shoot on screen…

Let’s just say that  I’ve been keenly anticipating their Lorne Wedding ever since. For it’s an inescapable fact; as a wedding photographer there are some weddings that I’m just plain excited about, maybe a little more than others. And please don’t for a second take that the wrong way. I truly appreciate every wedding I have the opportunity to document. And I’m humbled by each couple that puts their trust in me to do so. However, occasionally I meet a couple with whom I immediately feel a sense of harmony. Whose personality, style and approach to life seems to somehow resonate with my own.

Aisha and Virginia are just such a couple. You’d be hard pressed finding two more adventurous, talented and kindred souls. And despite their numerous individual talents and achievements, they’d both say having the other in their life is their proudest accomplishment. Their Lorne wedding was simple yet elegant, sophisticated yet understated, and intimate but exploding with love and laughter. Never before have I seen two people made a sloping coastal front yard look so good! And their reception at the famous Lorne Beach Pavilion was everything I expected, with family and friends treated to an amazing evening against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean beneath dusk.

I hope the images below do some justice to what was simply a really, really enjoyable Saturday afternoon on Victoria’s spectacular Surf Coast. The lovely ladies at Ivory Tribe have all the details over here.