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Wye River Wedding / Josh and Franki

Josh and Franki’s Wye River Wedding at Wongarra Farm was an exercise in compromise. You see Josh and Franki are the kind of couple where each is the other’s entire world. At such a young age they’ve already traveled the length and breadth of the planet together. They have seen and done things that others only dream about. They have opened their hearts to the universe and its lessons and have learned to rely completely on each other. Still so young, but such old souls, equal measures of calm and excitement, innocence and wisdom.

I’m sure they’d like to have celebrated their commitment by eloping. However they recognized that this might leave some members of their families feeling a little disappointed. And so they organised a very intimate wedding ceremony and private dinner at the picturesque Wongarra Truffle Farm.  This rambling property was the perfect backdrop for their coastal bohemian theme. They were intent on doing a ‘First Look’. For while they’d submitted to their families’ need to be included, their focus for the day was still on each other. Josh’s reaction to seeing Franki in the photos below says it all. What began as a beaming smile quickly became tears of joy. It was the best First Look I’ve had the pleasure of capturing. I know it’s not for everyone, but it was completely necessary for the emotional dynamic that exists between these two.

We took our time walking the property’s fields and trails after the ceremony. The threat of rain was ever present.  But I wanted to ensure Josh and Franki were relaxed and not rushed. I wanted them to remain in the moment, soaking up the significance of the day. We tramped through the Hazlenut trees as attendant pigs foraged lazily for the prized truffles. Beneath a misty sky we made our way up to the top paddock, taking in an uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean. With daylight fading we beat a path down to the beach at Skenes Creek. By now the rain had set in, but it was of little concern to these two.  They could think of no better way to end the afternoon than by standing on the shore as Mother Nature lapped at their feet.

I’m sure their journey together will be a long one. It began long before their Wye River wedding , however I had such great pleasure capturing this small but significant chapter of their story.