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I brought my 2015/16 wedding season to a close with Zac and Cailey’s fantastic elopement at Airey’s Inlet along the Great Ocean Road. Cailey contacted me towards the beginning of the year and lay it all down – they lived in Atlanta, Georgia and had always dreamt of visiting Australia, and as they’d got to thinking about the trip they’d realised – why not just get married while on holidays? Cailey told me that they’d picked the Great Ocean Rd because they were blown away by the images of the coastline that they had seen and wanted their ceremony to be completely dominated by a sense of nature. I knew immediately that having their wedding on the shortest day of the year, in the middle of Winter along the Great Ocean Rd would ensure that nature was at the very forefront of proceedings! And, in truth, the weather couldn’t have been much worse ; howling winds, driving rains and a top temperature of 11 degrees made for trying times, but they were so swept away in the moment, in the location and in each other that we never really missed a beat. It really was a lovely, intimate and quiet end to what’s been an exhausting season.